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Les Roches Blanches I Cassis

Les Roches Blanches

" Escape to the heart of the Calanques "

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Key Selling Points : Cassis

  • The extraordinary seaside location and its remarkable panoramas, at only 50 minutes from Marseille airport.

  • The charm of an authentic, multi-coloured fishing port.


  • The beauty of the landscapes of the Calanques National Park, a unique natural land and marine environment that is protected and preserved.


  • The Discovery of an area that offers oenological tourism, with a typical sun-kissed wine, refreshed by a sea breeze.

Key Selling Points : Les Roches Blanches

  • The exceptional panorama from Cape Canaille, the highest cliff in Europe, from this old mansion with 45 rooms & suites, nestled against the limestone rock of the calanques of Cassis.


  • The architectural and ornate art deco style of the property echoes with the frenzy of the années folles, and blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


  • The offer of an independent private villa, while taking advantage a full range of hotel services.


  • A wide range of restaurants with Mediterranean-style cuisine, a total of 4 restaurants each with its own distinct identity.

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Les Roches Blanches is a truly amazing hotel with beautiful Suites, offering stunning views of the sea and Cassis. The service from every staff member is flawless, the food was delicious and a very generous breakfast. The landscapes are just wonderful there. The Hotel also has a private villa with its own pool and butler - I would definitely recommend all my guests to experience a stay at Les Roches Blanches and I know they will all be amazed and will want to go back.. From relaxing and peaceful stays to the most active ones, everyone will find what they are looking for at Les Roches Blanches. Thank you very much for a beautiful stay!
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